Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm Back Tomorrow!

Hello everyone and anyone!
Just a quick post to say I'm sorry for not posting in what seems to be like forever! I am a complete noob, and managed to do two things that stopped me posting anything for a little while.

1) I started using a different browser which wouldn't load blogger, but am now back on the old oneeee.

2) I forgot my login details. Typical me.

Also, this past month has been a very busy one, I was presented with an exciting potential job opportunity (I find out this week if I got it) which took up a lot of my time in preparation, along with several trips to London, and a lot of late nights. On the plus side when I've been in London there's been time for shopping, and I feel like I've got loads to talk about and lots of products and items to show you all!

I'll be posting properly tomorrow unless something else goes wrong...


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