Monday, 22 April 2013

My Mac Eyeshadow Palette

I am 100% an eye product junkie. Some people seem to hoard lip products, but my makeup drawers are instead bursting full of eyeshadows, primers, and pigments. As a result, naturally I've accumulated a rather nice collection of MAC eyeshadows...
I didn't have all that many MAC eyeshadows until my last birthday, when my boyfriend decided to whisk me off to the Selfridges beauty hall and buy me a fifteen eyeshadow MAC palette (I was over the moon of course!), in an attempt to satisfy all of my eyeshadow needs. I spent a good forty minutes swatching and comparing before I finally had compiled my list and was ready to make my way to the till.
I'm pretty unadventurous when it comes to colours, so I chose mainly neutral shades, with a few darker colours thrown in for good measure, considering i'm rather partial to a smokey eye.
So without further ado, here 'she' is...

And here's a closer view of all of the colours inside!

As pricey as MAC eyeshadows are (£10 for a pan refill now if i'm correct- shocking!), I do think that most of them are amazingly pigmented, and of lovely consistency.

CRYSTAL AVALANCHE is a 'white with reflects'.  love to use this eyeshadow as a highlight on the brow bone, and as with most MAC eyeshadows a little does go a long way. I also love to use this as a highlight in the tear duct area.

NAKED LUNCH is a 'minimal pink with shimmer'. This is a lovely all over lid colour which I like to pair with Satin Taupe for a nice everyday look.

WEDGE is a 'soft muted beige taupe'. This is a colour which looks gorgeous in the pan, and has a lovely matte finish which would in theory be beautiful as a crease contour colour. However, I have tried to use this so many times, but just find that the colour payoff isn't so good. I'm actually not sure why I didn't notice this when I was at the counter, not sure if I just got a 'bad' one? Either way, sad times indeed.

WOODWINKED is a 'warm antiqued gold'. It is such a beautiful summery colour that I think would suit any skin tone. I'm NC15 or paler, and love this as a crease colour, but think it would be a beautiful lid colour on deeper skin tones.

HONEY LUST is a 'bronze dipped peach'. Again, this is a stunning all over lid colour. It's very shimmery and slightly grainy in texture, so if either of these things put you off then this is one to steer clear of! It's very similar in colour to All That Glitters, although I prefer Honey Lust on my cool skin tone.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a 'beige with gold pearl'. If you have a warmer skin tone, this colour is likely to suit you. I find it to be quite pink-toned, so prefer to wear the very similar Honey Lust, as I feel it compliments my skin tone better.

SATIN TAUPE is a 'taupe with silver shimmer'. This is one of MAC's cult shades, and I can definitely see why! It's become one of my go to everyday shades, and is a colour I won't hesitate to repurchase when finished.

ESPRESSO is a 'muted golden brown'. Again, this is one I will definitely repurchase, and is probably my favourite crease colour in the palette for everyday wear, probably because of it's matte finish, which makes it perfect for daytime. I also take this colour along my lower lash line if I fancy a daytime appropriate smokey eye.

MULCH is a 'red-brown with bronze pearl'. This is another very rich shade, which is very versatile and looks surprisingly nice on my skin tone. It's slightly shimmery but still is able to be worn as an everyday colour and is very easy to blend.

BRONZE is a 'gold-brown with gold-bronze shimmer'. This colour is one that goes beautifully with All That Glitters, and I actually also have in a duo in my handbag. It's one that I used to wear a lot, but have left off of recently, in favour of cooler toned colours over the winter months.

TWINKS is a 'deep plum with pearl'. An amazing colour for a rich smokey eye, this is a shade I like to build up for a dramatic night time look. Smudged across the lower lash line, it looks gorgeous, and is entirely responsible for my desire to now purchase 'Cranberry' as I think they would look nice together.

SMUT is a 'muted black with red shimmer'. However, I'd actually say that this is more plum toned, and Twinks is more red toned, but there you go! This is another of my favourites for a coloured smokey eye.

PRINT is a 'muted grey with shimmer' and is my go to smokey eye base colour.

BLACK TIED is a 'black with silver sparkle'. This colour looks like the perfect black glitter in the pan, but I wish the glitter was more noticeable when applied. It's still lovely to add a subtle pop at night time though!
CARBON is an 'intense black'. If you're in the market for a black eyeshadow and fancy purchasing one from MAC then i'd recommend Typographic over Carbon. This is simply because of the consistency and colour payoff. I find Carbon to have quite a chalky consistency which is difficult to blend in comparison to Typograpic, and Typographic's colour payoff is definitely superior.
Apologies for the very lengthly post but here you go! What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows? Or maybe you've found some good dupes? Either way I'd love to hear what you have to say so feel free to leave a comment!


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