Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Top 3 Online Shopping Destinations!

I love online shopping.
Some people hate it- the waiting, the disappointment when the item isn't what you thought it was, and the hassle of returns, but for me the pros far outweigh the cons. I find way more things that are my style online, and like how I can compare products to get the best deal!
Therefore, to ensure that you guys have the best online shopping experience, I've compiled a list of my favourite 3 less well known online only stores!
(Obviously I love ASOS, Missguided etc too, but I could have written a post of about 100 sites so I needed restrictions!

Anyway, without further ado, let's crack on!

Yayer is a Bristol based store run by sisters Charlotte and Harriet Walters, that stocks both new and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. Dubbed the UK's version of the amazing Nasty Gal, Yayer stocks many popular brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Evil Twin, and Motel. I love the edgy pieces on the site, find the prices really reasonable and love how frequently stock is updated!

These are my favourite clothing pieces from the site right now, all fitting in with my monochrome obsession!


Choies are an international site which ship to the UK amongst other countries, and stock loads of different lines. There's so much choice, and some really unique pieces can be found for amazing prices. I also love the fact that they offer usual catwalk and designer inspired  clothing that can't be found on the highstreet (and even if it could, it'd be ridiculously expensive!) I really could spend an insane amount of money on stuff from this site.

Here are my favourite items from the site at the moment!

Romwe are another international site, and are very similar to Choies, but seem to carry even more products and are generally a more well known site. The prices are amazing, but I would recommend checking both sites for prices if you see something you like as often the both have the same product, and you can save yourself some pennies through taking the time to shop around!

And again, here are my four favourites from the site, mainly dresses! I'm a creature of habit...
I hope you guys found this post interesting/ helpful! I'd love to hear what posts you like reading, or ideas of what you think I should blog about- I'm always open to suggestions.
Have you ever bought from these sites before? What are your favourite online stores?
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