Monday, 18 July 2016

Nike Flyknit Racers - Multicolour 3.0

Until the beginning of the year, I was never a 'trainer girl'. More often than not I could be found tottering around town in heeled boots, with ballet flats being my comfortable shoe of choice. Flash forward six months, and I have amassed a modest collection of different 'sneaker' styles, most of which were, embarrassingly for me, purchased on impulse. And, if I'm honest, that's exactly what happened with this pair too...

1am is, in my opinion, the optimum time for what I like to call 'shopping invincibility' - that mood where you feel like purchasing a £130 pair of trainers (that won't be making up part of your work wardrobe) is a great idea, and seem to think that checking your bank account in the morning isn't actually going to make you weep as a result of the aforementioned purchase.

Stumbling across these Nike Flyknit Racers in multicolour on the JD Sports website, and knowing that they had been notoriously hard to get hold of, I quickly lunged for my debit card and entered my details before I had the chance to talk myself out of it. It only seemed like fate that just one pair was available, and they just happened to be in my size- how could I possibly pass up such an opportunity?

Thankfully, I don't regret this impulse purchase at all, and have been wearing them on my rare days off! Despite their crazy colour scheme, they are surprisingly easy to style. As a very simple dresser, I love to pair these with monochromatic looks, allowing the shoes to do all of the talking!

What's your best impulse purchase?


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