Monday, 29 February 2016

My Favourite Jewellery

I have never been one for jewellery. I am all over other accessories- bags, shoes, sunglasses, hats. Jewellery has just never been on my radar, until recently that is.

A year ago, after becoming tired of relying on my phone for the time (which always ran out of battery), I decided that I'd like to get a watch. Not being a particularly 'sparkly' person, I struggled to find a minimally designed, sparkle-free watch that still retained an element of femininity, until I stumbled across Olivia Burton.

I quickly purchased the black and gold model, which subsequently became a staple accessory, rarely leaving my wrist for the following year. Although I am a gold hardware lover through and through, I recently noticed this silver and grey version of the watch, and thought I would give silver hardware a go! Being someone who enjoys matching hardware, it's nice to have the option to have a watch to pair with either metal colour.

Another brand I've been loving is Alex Monroe. His nature inspired pieces are so intricate and come in a variety of different metals. These dragonfly and feather necklaces are so easy to wear, and are so unique compared to anything I've seen from other brands.

What are your favourite jewellery brands? 



  1. I love Alex Monroe too! Her designs are quirky but still elegant! xx

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  3. I love those watches. They look so causal but sophisticated. The necklaces are so adorable too.

    Heba xx ||

  4. Gorgeous watches! I love your blog!

    xx Isabel

  5. very nice collection


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