Monday, 22 April 2013

Review: Kerastase Masquintense

A few months ago I decided to dip dye my hair myself at home using the L'Oreal Wild Ombres 3 Kit. Being the worrier that I am, and considering every time I go to the hairdressers I get told that my hair is dry, I decided that it was a sensible idea to invest in a deep conditioning treatment before bleaching the ends of my hair.

I popped into the hairdressers, and after a quick discussion with the assistant about my hair type I decided to purchase the Kerastase Masquintense number 3 for fine hair.
I think I paid around £23, but after searching on the internet have found that it can be purchased from for £19.92, and you get 200ml of product in the tub.

The product comes in a tub with a screw top lid, which will make it easy to get the last bits of product out when I've nearly finished the tub. However, generally I think it's a little unhygienic, and very fiddly to get the product out of the tub when I use this in the shower. I think I'd prefer for it to be in a bottle with a pump dispenser overall..
I have very long hair and use a walnut size amount, which does the job. I smooth the mask through the lengths of my hair once a week, and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. After using this for a few months now, it's crazy that I've hardly made a dent in the top- this stuff is going to last for ages, and would obviously last even longer if your hair is shorter than mine is!
The smell is quite floral but I don't think it's overpowering, although I've heard other people say otherwise. It really depends on whether smells bother you, as they generally don't bother me anyway. When the product is rinsed off the smell does stay on your hair throughout the day, and I quite enjoy getting a whiff of it a few hours later as I go about my business. :)
The consistency is more runny than I expected which also makes it quite tricky to apply, especially in a shower situation, and I often find myself dropping some into the bath and crying a little inside as I watch it disappear down the plug hole considering its quite pricey (a slightly over the top reaction haha).
After using this mask my usually unruly, tangled hair is definitely far more manageable. I find that It stays sleek and soft throughout the day, but after the next wash is back to normal again. Therefore I wouldn't really say that it hydrates your hair very effectively, rather coats it making it feel lovely for the day only.
This mask does not weigh down my long fine hair which is impressive, and generally I do enjoy using it, however I wish its effects were more long lasting than they are.
I'm still undecided as to whether I'll repurchase, but think I'm edging towards the idea of trying a few different masks instead, in the hope that I find one that can truly nourish my hair.
What's your favourite hair mask or treatment?

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